Worrying Survey: Most young Briton think Israel should not exist

Israel National News reports: “A new and worrying survey published on the British news site UnHerd reveals that most young Britons do not believe that Israel should continue to exist.

A full 50 percent of young people under the age of 25 responded in the survey saying that the Israeli government is to blame for the war in the Gaza Strip, 25 percent said that Hamas is to blame, 15 percent said that the citizens of Israel are to blame for the war and 8 percent said that the Palestinians are to blame for the war.

In addition, 38 percent said that the war in the Gaza Strip interests them more than the war in Ukraine, and 19 percent said the opposite.

Over half – 54 percent – said they think that Israel should not continue to exist, against the backdrop of the extensive anti-Israeli protests against Israel…”

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