Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Day

Netanyahu: World must stop those wishing to destroy the Jewish people

Haaretz reports: “The threats Israel faces to its existence are real, not theoretical ones, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the ceremony opening Holocaust Remembrance Day in Jerusalem, urging the world not to ignore the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Speaking of the three main lessons Israel must learn in the Holocaust’s wake, Netanyahu spoke first of the danger which lies in ignoring the threats of those ‘wishing to annihilate us,’ saying Israelis ‘mustn’t bury our heads in the sand.’

‘Has the world learned this lesson? I doubt it. Have we learned it? I believe we have,’ Netanyahu said, adding, however, that ‘we must admit that ‘in the history of the Jewish people we have not always excelled in anticipating the future, sometimes repressing the bleak reality before us.’

Referring further on the ability to anticipate coming catastrophes, Netanyahu said that while ‘many in the world, at least in the enlightened world, treat the memory of the Holocaust respectfully and seriously,’ that attitude, however, ‘reminds [that of] generals preparing for the previous war.’

‘It seems easier for the world to discuss the lessons of the past than implement those to the present and the future,’ the premier said, adding that ‘the Jewish people mustn’t ignore the Holocaust’s lessons today.’

‘Because today, new enemies are rising, and as they deny the Holocaust call for the destruction of our people,’ the PM said, adding that ‘Iran, and its proxies Hezbollah and Hamas are openly working to destroy the Jewish state.’…” (Psalm 122:6: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” Israel and God’s Chosen People will never be destroyed. God says in Isaiah 56:5: “…I will give them [Israel] an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.”)

Peres in Yad Vashem: Holocaust proves Jews must fend for themselves

Haaretz reports: “In a somber ceremony to open national commemorations of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Shimon Peres said that it is Israel’s legacy to physically defend Jewish lives, applauding Israel’s stance as the ‘most anti-racist’ country in the world.

Peres said that the Nazi Holocaust proved beyond question that a Jewish state with a Jewish army was necessary.

‘We were alone, with no state of our own. The American bomber planes that flew over Auschwitz did not drop a single bomb on the machines of mass murder,’ Peres said in Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

‘The Holocaust determined once and for all that there is no replacement for a home of our own. Nothing can take the place of the Israel Defense Forces,’ he added.

President Peres said that in this generation, there is a renewed threat to commit genocide against Jews, this time from the leaders of Iran, who make public statements questioning the official historical record of the Nazi Holocaust, and continually threaten to attack the State of Israel.

‘Even after the Holocaust occurred, there exists a regime whose leaders are Holocaust deniers and open Holocaust promoters,’ Peres added. ‘This must cause every person to be repulsed, every conscience to feel revulsion.’

‘The Iranian leadership is a danger to the whole world, not only to Israel. It is a danger to everyone, a real danger to the fate of mankind,’ Peres continued. ‘The nations of the world have announced that they will not abide nuclear weapons in the possession of Iran. Their words will now be tested.’…” (Yahweh God will battle to protect His beloved Jewish people – Deuteronomy 7:7. He also says in Ezekiel 39:6: “…I will send a fire upon Magog” – Russia and her Arabic allies – Ezekiel 38:1-7.)

MK: Israel Can Annihilate Iran in a Second

Israel National News reports: “National Union party Chairman MK Yaakov (‘Ketzaleh’) Katz pushed the envelope of official ambiguity regarding Israel’s offensive nuclear capabilities. MK Katz said that Israel has the ability to destroy enemies like Iran and Syria ‘in a second’s time.’

The statement is most likely a reference to military nuclear capabilities, which Israel has never officially admitted to possessing.

Speaking at a session of a Knesset lobby dedicated to teaching the lessons of the Holocaust, the fiery, Biblically-bearded MK Katz said the greatest revenge against the Germans, who desired to annihilate the Jewish people, is the Jewish nation’s fertility and natural growth.

Ketzaleh opined that Israel should end the custom of bringing visiting heads of state to Holocaust memorial museum Yad VaShem. Such visits, he said, show the dignitaries a humiliating, Diaspora side of the Jewish nation.

Instead, he said, Israel should show visitors the pinnacles it has reached since the Holocaust and despite it.

‘We must show them that we have the capability to destroy Iran within a second’s time, and Syria in a minute’s time, should they dare lift a hand to us,’ he said…” (I don’t believe this headline to be an empty boast. Israel’s nuclear stockpile and air force is the greatest.)