Hezbollah has 10,000 fighters in Syria ready to confront Israel, commander says

The Times of Israel reports: “Hezbollah has more than 10,000 fighters in southern Syria ready to confront Israel, a commander for the Iranian-backed Lebanese terror group has said. ‘Hezbollah has over 10,000 fighters deployed in […]

Upgraded Lockheed Martin Laser Outguns Threat in Half the Time

SpaceDaily.com reports: “A Lockheed Martin prototype laser weapon system proved that an advanced system of sensors, software and specialized optics can deliver decisive lethality against unmanned aerial vehicle threats. In tests conducted with the U.S. […]

Rouhani: ‘Rogue Zionist regime’ shouldn’t preach

Israel National News reports: “Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday blasted the United States and Israel in his speech to the UN General Assembly, warning that his country will respond ‘decisively’ to any violation of […]

Abbas: Israeli ‘occupation’ can’t continue

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday used his speech at the UN General Assembly to attack Israel, as he has done in past speeches as well. In his remarks, […]

‘We’re basically in World War Three’

Israel National News reports: “In an interview with Arutz Sheva, philanthropist Kenneth Abramowitz spoke about Iran, terror organizations, and US President Donald Trump’s first speech at the United Nations General Assembly. Abramowitz is the co-founder […]

In first, US establishes permanent military base in Israel

The Times of Israel reports: “For the first time in history, the United States on Monday established an official, permanent military base in Israel: an air defense base in the heart of the Negev desert. […]

Turkish military starts drill near Iraqi border

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Turkey launched a military drill with tanks close to the Iraqi border on Monday, the army said, a week before Iraq’s Kurdish region is set to hold an independence referendum. Despite opposition from […]

Sisi: Palestinians must co-exist with Israelis

Israel National News reports: “Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on Tuesday urged Palestinian Arabs to overcome their differences and be ready to co-exist with each other and with Israelis in safety and security. ‘I tell […]

Mexico: Huge earthquake topples buildings, killing more than 200

BBC News reports: “A strong earthquake has struck central Mexico, killing more than 200 people and toppling dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City. President Enrique Peña Nieto said more than 20 children had […]

North Korea: ‘Vicious’ sanctions will only speed up nuclear programme

SpaceDaily.com reports: “North Korea bitterly denounced new sanctions on its economy as ‘vicious, unethical and inhumane’ and warned the measures would only accelerate progress on its nuclear weapons programme, state media reported Monday. The angry […]

Japan deploys missile defence to northern island

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Japan deployed Tuesday an additional missile defence system on its northern island of Hokkaido, days after North Korea launched a missile over the island, sparking emergency warnings to take cover. ‘As part of […]

Iraqi forces ‘attack last IS bastion on Syria border’

BBC News reports: “Iraqi forces are reported to have launched an operation to recapture the last stronghold of so-called Islamic State in the country’s western desert. A military source told the BBC that soldiers, Anbar […]