IDF said to threaten major action if Gaza incendiary balloon attacks persist

The Times of Israel reports: “The Israeli army has reportedly notified Hamas in recent days that if the incendiary kite and balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip don’t cease, Israel will respond with major military […]

Top Iran official: We will only leave Syria if Assad, Baghdad ask us to

The Times of Israel reports: “A top adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday said Tehran would withdraw its troops from Syria only at the request of dictator Bashar Assad or the […]

Report: Hamas planning drone attacks deep in Israeli territory

Israel National News reports: “Terrorists operating out of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip are planning a new wave of arson attacks on Israeli territory, replacing the low-tech ‘terror kites’ and ‘balloon bombs’ with hi-tech drones to […]

Deraa, birthplace of Syria uprising, retaken by government forces

BBC News reports: “Syrian government forces are retaking control of the rebel-held part of Deraa, the birthplace of the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad. Troops, accompanied by Russian military police, entered the area and raised […]

Israel to Russia: Assad’s safe from us, but Iran must quit Syria reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russia on Wednesday that Israel would not seek to topple its ally, Syrian President Bashar Assad, but Moscow should encourage Iranian forces to quit Syria, a senior Israeli […]

Israel hits Syrian army posts in response to drone incursion reports: “The Israeli military said in a statement that it hit three targets in retaliation for an incursion on Wednesday of a Syrian drone which was shot down over northern Israel. ‘The IDF holds […]

Revolt grows over Islamization of U.S. schools reports: “An organization fighting Islamic indoctrination in the San Diego Public schools – it’s already in court over the issue – is now insisting on access to communications between Seattle school officials and the […]

Top Iran, Russia officials discuss critical situation of today’s world

The Islamic Republic News Agency reports: “Cooperation between Iran and Russia is more necessary than before due to the fact that the US’ president is a rebel, said the advisor of Iran’s Supreme Leader in […]

Iranian man flogged 80 times for drinking alcohol as a child

BBC News reports: “Amnesty International has condemned the Iranian authorities for publicly flogging a man who was convicted of consuming alcohol when he was 14 or 15. Local media published photographs of the man – […]

Twenty Christians Severely Injured in Assault on Prayer Gathering in Northern India reports: “International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that last Monday, July 2, 20 Christians were seriously injured in an assault on a prayer meeting in Raikashipur village, located in the Pratapgarh District of India’s […]

Chinese President pledges aid for ‘Palestine’

Israel National News reports: “Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday pledged $15 million in aid for ‘Palestine’, Middle East Eye reported. The aid is part of a package of $105 million that will go to […]

Syria: 35 killed, 15 injured in ISIS attack

Israel National News reports: “The Khalid ibn al-Walid Army terror group killed 35 Syrian soldiers and injured an additional 15, Israel Hayom reported. The attack comes after a recent ceasefire agreement in southern Syria failed […]