Month: March 2017

Top U.S. general calls for use of ‘military means’ to disrupt Iran

The Times of Israel reports: “Iran has increased its destabilizing role in the Middle East and must be dealt with through various means, including military action where appropriate, the top US military commander for the […]

U.S. warns China it is losing patience over North Korea reports: “The US ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday said China can and must do more to force North Korea to halt its nuclear and missile programs. Ambassador Nikki Haley said President Donald […]

UK Colonel: ‘The Palestinians want to destroy Israel’

Israel National News reports: “Colonel Richard Camp, who commanded the British forces in Afghanistan from 2003 until 2006, spoke with Channel 20 about the Arab-Israeli conflict. ‘Israel, for many years now, has been subject to […]

Jordanian King to meet Trump

Israel National News reports: “Jordan’s King Abdullah will visit the White House next week for his second meeting with President Donald Trump since Trump took office, an official in Washington told AFP on Thursday. Trump […]

Japan ruling party urges strike capability amid North Korea threat reports: “Japan’s ruling party said Wednesday the government should consider developing the capability to strike enemy bases if the country is attacked, citing North Korea’s missile and nuclear threats. For years Tokyo has harboured […]

Italian police in Venice arrest three Jihadists

BBC News reports: “Three adults and a girl have been detained in the centre of Venice as suspects in an alleged jihadist cell. Police had been monitoring the group from Kosovo for months amid concerns […]

Hamas-linked video threatens to kill Israeli security leaders

The Times of Israel reports: “A video published Wednesday by a Hamas-affiliated news site threatens to kill senior Israeli defense officials in revenge for the killing of a senior Hamas terrorist last week. One after […]

Suicide Truck Bomb Kills 15 at Iraqi Checkpoint

Voice of America News reports: “A suicide truck bomb has been detonated at a police checkpoint in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least 15 people and wounding more than 45. Police officials said the […]

Jordan’s King Abdullah: Israel wrecking the chances of peace reports: “Jordan’s King Abdullah accused Israel on Wednesday of wrecking the chances of peace by accelerating settlement building in disputed territory in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. ‘Israel is continuing to expand settlements […]

Fears of Islamic State’s Long Game Persist as Caliphate Crumbles

Voice of America News reports: “Across much of Iraq and parts of Syria, the Islamic State terror group is in retreat. Yet, Iraqi and U.S. officials tell VOA they have a creeping fear that the […]

Saudi shoots down ‘smuggled’ Yemen rebel missiles reports: “Saudi Arabia intercepted four missiles fired by Yemeni rebels on Tuesday, a Saudi-led coalition said, in what it described as evidence of arms smuggling through a rebel-held Red Sea port. The coalition has […]

Arab leaders condemn ‘unilateral steps’ in Jerusalem

Israel National News reports: “Arab foreign ministers adopted a resolution Monday rejecting what they termed ‘unilateral steps’ that ‘jeopardize the historic and legal status’ of Jerusalem. The ministers were seemingly referring to the possible move […]