Month: March 2018

The newest Hamas recruit: A 7-year-old girl

Israel National News reports: “A seven-year-old girl was sent by Hamas into Israel, to fight with IDF forces. The IDF confirmed that the suspected terrorist was a young girl, received her, and ensured that she […]

Pakistan Tests Sub-Launched Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile

Voice of America News reports: “Pakistan announced Thursday that it had successfully conducted another test-firing of a nuclear-capable, submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM), which has a range of 450 kilometers. The indigenously developed Babur missile was […]

Hamas leader: Protests mark the beginning of our return to ‘all of Palestine’

The Times of Israel reports: “Demonstrations Friday along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip mark the beginning of the Palestinians’ return to ‘all of Palestine,’ Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said in a speech at the […]

Pakistan: Doctors Kill, Torture Christian for Demanding Care for Pregnant Sister reports: “Doctors and security personnel at a hospital in Pakistan reportedly killed and tortured a Christian man with medical scissors and scalpels and seriously injured two other Christians who survived the ordeal, triggered when […]

Welfare pamphlet: ‘Information for one married to a child’

Israel National News reports: “Sweden’s board of Health and Welfare, in cooperation with the Migration Authority, released a pamphlet titled Information for one who is Married to a Child, intended to help guide men who […]

‘Christians flee PA oppression’

Israel National News reports: “Dr. Ephraim Herrera, an expert on Islamic studies, explained how Muslim oppression is causing Christians to leave the city of Bethlehem, where they were once the majority. ‘Before the Palestinian Authority […]

North Korea’s Kim shows unity with China’s Xi in first foreign trip reports: “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was given a lavish welcome by Chinese President Xi Jinping during a secretive trip to Beijing as both sides try to repair frayed relations before Pyongyang’s landmark […]

Worries of War Between Israel, Iran Increase

Voice of America News reports: “Israel and Iran, with two of the most powerful militaries in the Middle East, appear on a collision course that some experts fear could ignite a regional war that might […]

Palm Sunday in Cuba: Dozens of Women Beaten, Arrested for Practicing Christianity reports: “The Cuban dissident group Ladies in White reports that at least 36 of their members were arrested violently this weekend while participating in pro-democracy protests and attempting to attend Catholic Mass on Palm […]

China Holds Massive Navy Show of Force in South China Sea reports: “China held large-scale naval exercises involving dozens of vessels in the South China Sea this week as the government again seeks to show off its military power around the disputed territory. Satellite images […]

‘Having female terrorist leaders is proof of gender equality’

Israel National News reports: “Having female terrorist leaders is proof of gender equality in Fatah, Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ secretary-general said. At a recent ceremony at the El-Bireh High School for Girls, school […]

Iran denies providing Houthi rebels with ballistic missiles

Israel National News reports: “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on Tuesday denied Saudi Arabian accusations that Tehran provided the Houthi rebels in Yemen with ballistic capabilities, a day after Saudi Arabia threatened retaliation against the Islamic Republic […]