Month: July 2018

New video game: Shoot the unborn baby reports: “Aggression against families and infants is soaring in groups battling for abortion ‘rights,’ but Argentine pro-aborts recently surpassed them all. Producing a crudely made video game, ‘Doom Fetito,’ players must furiously battle police, […]

Texas: Muslim immigrant kills Christian son-in-law reports: “In what is described by prosecutors as ‘honor killings,’ a Muslim immigrant from Jordan has been convicted by a jury in Texas of killing his daughter’s American husband and an Iranian women’s rights […]

IS Claims Deadly Attack on Western Cyclists in Tajikistan

Voice of America News reports: “Islamic State is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on Western bicyclists Sunday in Tajikistan, according to the SITE Intelligence Group. Four cyclists, including two Americans, were killed south of […]

Iran Rejects Talks with ‘Untrustworthy’ United States reports: “Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi rejected what he called ‘media speculation’ that Iran may hold talks with the United States on Monday and said that the Islamic Republic will emerge victorious in […]

North Korea working on new missiles, U.S. officials say, despite thaw

BBC News reports: “North Korea appears to be building new ballistic missiles despite recent warming ties with the Trump administration and pledges to denuclearise, reports say. Unnamed US officials told the Washington Post that spy […]

Syria war: IS ‘seized women and children’ in Sweida attack

BBC News reports: “Islamic State (IS) militants are holding more than 30 women and children hostage in south-western Syria, a monitor and local media say. They are thought to have been seized during a wave […]

Trump says ready to meet Iran’s Rouhani

BBC News reports: “Donald Trump has offered to meet Iran’s leaders with ‘no preconditions’ and ‘any time they want’. ‘I’d meet with anybody. I believe in meetings,’ the US president told reporters at the White […]

Copenhagen Imam: ‘Jihad Necessitates the Muslim Invasion and Conquest of Europe’ reports: “Imam Mundhir Abdallah, of the Masjid Al-Faruq mosque in Copenhagen, told his followers ‘the final solution to the problem of the Levant – after the establishment of the Caliphate and the elimination of […]

Weekly Newsletter – July 30, 2018

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In their own words: Suicide bombers justify murdering kids reports: “The Palestinian Authority spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually, much of it contributed by other nations, including the United States, to pay salaries to terrorists or the families of successful suicide bombers. […]

U.S. said weighing military action amid Iranian threats to Middle East waterways

The Times of Israel reports: “The United States is reportedly weighing possible military action to keep open key oil shipping routes in the Middle East amid Iranian threats against the waterways. However, a CNN report […]

Moscow warns military confrontation in space as dangerous as nuclear arms race reports: “According to a statement published by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday, Moscow prioritized peaceful exploration and use of outer space. Commenting on the US draft defense budget, the Russian Foreign Ministry noted […]