Australia condemns Chinese interception of Seahawk helicopter over international waters

Voice of America News reports: “Analysts say China continues to undertake ‘incredibly aggressive’’ military actions after an Australian navy helicopter in international waters was targeted by flares dropped by a Chinese fighter jet.

The Canberra government has condemned the incident as dangerous and unprofessional.

The Australian Seahawk helicopter was taking part in a United Nations mission to enforce sanctions against North Korea when it was intercepted by the Chinese air force.

Officials in Canberra say the Chinese fighter jet detonated flares close to the Australian helicopter, forcing its pilot to take evasive action.

The incident took place over international waters in the Yellow Sea off the coast of South Korea during the weekend.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that his government had made ‘very strong representations at every level to China’ about the incident.

In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian said the Australian helicopter had flown near China’s airspace in a ‘provocative’ manner, and that the Chinese military ‘took necessary measures’ to ‘warn and alert the Australian side.’ Lin said Beijing has lodged an official protest with Canberra over the incident…”

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