Taiwan says four Chinese ships entered ‘prohibited’ waters

SpaceWar.com reports: “Four Chinese coastguard ships briefly sailed through Taiwan’s ‘prohibited’ waters, Taipei said, urging Beijing to stop actions that ‘endanger’ navigation safety.

China claims self-ruled democratic Taiwan as part of its territory, and has said it will not rule out using force to bring the island under Beijing’s control.

The Chinese ships entered waters south of Taiwan’s outlying island of Kinmen, five kilometres (three miles) from the Chinese city of Xiamen, around 3:30 pm (0730 GMT) on Monday, Taiwan’s coastguard said in a statement later the same day.

The ships ‘sailed out of our prohibited and restricted waters’ about an hour later, the agency said, urging Beijing to immediately stop ‘behaviour that endangers navigation safety’.

China has in recent years ramped up sorties of aircraft and naval vessels around the island…”

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