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United States regards space as theatre of war – President Putin reports: “The comment comes as leaders of NATO approved the decision to recognise space as ‘potential theatre for operations’ at a summit that is currently taking place in London. The military and political apparatus […]

North Korea warns Trump it will use ‘corresponding’ force if attacked reports: “North Korea on Wednesday warned that if the United States used military force against Pyongyang it would take ‘prompt corresponding actions at any level’, in response to comments by US President Donald Trump. […]

U.S. Navy seizes Iranian missiles en route to Yemen

Israel National News reports: “US officials revealed Wednesday that a US Navy ship had seized a ‘significant stockpile’ of parts of Iranian precision-guided missiles. The missiles were being transported to the Houthi rebels in Yemen. […]

Rouhani: Window on talks with US isn’t closed

Israel National News reports: “Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Tehran hasn’t closed the window on talks with the US, The Associated Press reported. At the same time, Rouhani reiterated his government’s standing […]

Police thwarted ISIS terror attack in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Israeli Police released footage on Wednesday of the arrest of two Arab-Israelis who have been indicted on terrorism charges after they allegedly planned terrorist attacks on military and civilian targets […]

Iran wants to challenge western navies in Gulf with China and Russia

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iran thinks it is entering the big league in naval powers as its Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi announced a joint naval drill with Russia and China. It came as a deputy […]

Putin says Russia ready for cooperation with NATO reports: “President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said Russia is open to cooperation with NATO as a two-day summit of the Western alliance was to open outside London. ‘We have repeatedly expressed readiness to jointly […]

Indian warship drives away Chinese vessel reports: “India’s Navy chief said Tuesday that an unauthorised Chinese vessel had entered its waters in the strategic Indian Ocean Region in September, with media reports suggesting New Delhi deployed a warship to repel […]

‘Jerusalem is ours and will only be Islamic-Christian’

Israel National News reports: “PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports head Jibril Rajoub wrote on his Facebook page: ‘Our brothers are here – and foremost among them His Honor [PA] Prime Minister [Muhammad Shtayyeh], […]

Russia to create new radar field against cruise missiles reports: “At the moment, the country is using several types of early-warning radars, providing long-distance monitoring of airspace against ballistic missile attacks. The military reportedly plans to replace older systems with Voronezh by 2020. […]

Pompeo says Iran the common villain in Mideast protests reports: “US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that Iran was the uniting factor behind protests around the Middle East, saying demonstrators in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran itself opposed the clerical regime. While […]

‘Muslim provocation in the Jewish Quarter’

Israel National News reports: “Jewish residents of the Old City of Jerusalem are protesting the renovation of a mosque in the Jewish Quarter which has been out of use for nearly a century, calling the […]