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Pence: U.S. ‘ready for any eventuality’ on North Korea reports: “Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday the United States was ‘ready for any eventuality’ with regard to North Korea and warned that ‘all options were on the table’ to deal with Pyongyang’s […]

Egypt Launches Major Offensive Against ISIS ‘Terrorists’ in Sinai

Haaretz reports: “Egypt has launched a major security operation involving the army and police against ‘terrorist and criminal elements and organizations’ across the country, as well as protecting the country’s borders, the army spokesman said […]

France to spend 37 billion euros on upgrading nuclear arsenal reports: “France is planning a 37-billion-euro revamp of its nuclear arsenal over the next seven years, part of a sharp increase in defence spending aimed at allowing France to ‘hold its own’ as a […]

Russia Says Islamic State Turning Afghanistan Into ‘Resting Base’ for Regional Terrorism

Voice of America News reports: “Russia has warned Islamic State is turning northern Afghanistan into a ‘resting base’ of international terrorism and a ‘bridgehead’ for establishing its ‘destructive’ caliphate in the region. The ‘international wing […]

Made-up to look beautiful. Sent out to die.

BBC News reports: “Falmata is getting a full beauty treatment – a thick paste of henna, with its delicate pointed swirls, adorns her feet. While it dries, a woman is battling with her hair. Comb […]

ISIS Video Depicts Jihadists Waiting West of Paris for Attack on France reports: “The pro-ISIS group that last month depicted the invasion of Washington this week declared ‘Paris before Rome,’ depicting a terrorist invasion that began with cells in the countryside outside Paris before attacking the […]

Syria warns Israel: Airstrikes will have ‘repercussions’

Israel National News reports: “The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday warned Israel of ‘repercussions’ following airstrikes near Damascus which it blamed on Israel. In a letter to the UN Secretary General and Security Council President, […]

Top U.S. general warns of ‘nasty’ Korea conflict, stresses diplomacy reports: “The US military’s top officer warned Tuesday that any war with North Korea would be ‘nasty’ and said America still hopes to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis. General Joe Dunford, […]

REVEALED: British Government Promotes ‘Liberation’ of Hijab at London Event, Avoids Commenting for A Week reports: “The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom (FCO) has promoted the wearing of the Islamic veil amongst its London staff, using the February 1st occasion of ‘World Hijab Day’ to promote […]

#NoHijabDay: Women Around World Burn Hijabs in Solidarity with Iranian Women reports: “The hashtag #NoHijabDay has taken social media by storm, accompanied by videos and pictures of women all over the world burning their hijabs in solidarity with Iranian women who are forced to wear […]

The West sleeps peacefully because of Israel

Israel National News reports: “While Turkish President Erdogan and Pope Francis were in Rome complimenting each other on Jerusalem and the European Union was rolling out red carpets to Mahmoud Abbas, Israel was protecting the […]

Rouhani: Nuclear deal will not be renegotiated

Israel National News reports: “Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani stressed on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic will not renegotiate the nuclear deal it signed with six world powers in 2015, the Trend news agency reports. Renegotiating […]