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‘You have made history’: Netanyahu hails Trump at Jerusalem embassy opening

The Times of Israel reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday praised Donald Trump for ‘making history by recognizing history’ at a ceremony dedicating the new US embassy in Jerusalem, while President Reuven Rivlin thanked […]

52 rioters dead, 1700 wounded as clashes on Gaza border heat up

Israel National News reports: “Fifty-two Arab rioters were killed and roughly 1700 more were wounded Monday after clashes erupted along the Gaza-Israel border ahead of the opening ceremony for the new US embassy in Jerusalem, […]

Only about half of Arabs consider embassy transfer dangerous

Israel National News reports: “On the occasion of the US Embassy in Jerusalem’s move and its diplomatic implications in the tense region, I24News International News Channel published an extensive survey including an examination of Jewish […]

US embassy opens in Israel’s capital

Israel National News reports: “The US embassy in Jerusalem, Israel officially opened Monday afternoon. US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman spoke at the opening ceremony. ‘On this exact day 70 years ago, at almost this […]

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Leader Calls for Jihad Against U.S. as Embassy Opens in Jerusalem reports: “Muslims should wage jihad against the U.S. as a response to America’s decision to move its Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital Jerusalem, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri said on Sunday. The […]

Islamic State church bombings rip Indonesia

Asia Times Online reports: “Suicide bombings carried out by separate families at three Surabaya churches, a police station and a suburban apartment block has raised fears of further attacks during the Islamic fasting month of […]

‘Hamas wants to destroy us – we will act with determination’

Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will attend security conference by telephone Monday in response to the violent riots in the Gaza Strip. The meeting will be attended by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, […]

China sends fighter jets and bombers near Taiwan in latest show of force reports: “China sent fighter jets and other military aircraft near Taiwan Friday in the latest of a series of drills which Beijing has said are aimed at the island’s ‘independence forces’. Taiwan’s defence ministry […]

19 Dead in Latest Congo Ebola Outbreak

Voice of America News reports: “An outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo has killed 19 people, according to the World Health Organization. A total of 39 cases have been reported in the […]

Bahrain backs Israel’s right to self-defense

Israel National News reports: “Israel gained support from an unexpected source Thursday for its recent airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria, after Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at Israeli territory Wednesday night. Khalid Bin Ahmed […]

Liberman to Syria: Throw Iranians out

Israel National News reports: “Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman warned Syria on Friday that if the Assad regime did not remove the Iranian military presence from its borders, the country would suffer ‘problems and destruction’. […]

Iran condemns wave of Israeli air strikes in Syria

BBC News reports: “Iran has backed Syria’s ‘right to defend itself’ after Israel launched strikes on what it said was Iranian military infrastructure inside Syria. In the first comments by Iran since Thursday’s wave of […]