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Iran: We’ll be so strong, no one will dare attack us

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Amid rising tension on Israel’s northern border, Iran’s newly appointed defense minister said Tehran will bolster its support for Hezbollah in an attempt to lessen the group’s dependence on weapons imports […]

South Korea, U.S. to deploy more anti-missile defences reports: “South Korea and the United States will deploy more of the anti-missile defences hated by China in response to Sunday’s nuclear test by North Korea, Seoul’s defence ministry said Monday. Two launchers of […]

US cites its nuclear capabilities in defense against North Korea reports: “The United States stands ready to defend itself and its allies with the full range of its capabilities, including nuclear, the White House said Sunday after US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime […]

Israel condemns ‘defiant’ North Korea for latest nuclear test

The Times of Israel reports: “The Foreign Ministry on Monday condemned North Korea’s latest nuclear test and hydrogen bomb claim and called for a ‘firm international response’ to curb Pyongyang’s rogue weapons programs. ‘The State […]

South Korea Simulates Attack on North’s Nuclear Site

Voice of America News reports: “South Korea’s military fired a series of missiles into the Sea of Japan in an exercise Monday meant to simulate an attack on North Korea’s nuclear test site. The exercise […]

Iran: ‘If attacked, war won’t be limited to our borders’ reports: “Enemies are unlikely to attack Iran, especially on the ground, the country’s military chief predicted on Saturday, saying even ‘unwise’ leaders in the West know that any such conflict would have huge costs […]

North Korea Claims ‘Perfect’ Hydrogen Bomb Test reports: “South Korean officials have confirmed a blast at a nuclear testing site in North Korea that the nation appears to be claiming was a test of a hydrogen bomb. Shortly before the blast, […]

Iran seeks to boost its missile program

Israel National News reports: “Iran’s new defense minister said on Saturday the country’s priority was to boost its missile program and export weapons to shore up neighboring allies. ‘In combat fields, especially in missiles, we […]

Warning US, Iran threatens to destroy ‘rabid’ airplanes

The Times of Israel reports: “Iran’s Arabic language TV station al-Alam reported that the country’s air defense base sent two warnings in the last six months to US spy aircraft that approached Iranian airspace. The […]

More than 1,000 dead in floods disaster in Sierra Leone reports: “While Americans are rightly concerned about flooding in and around Houston, more than 1,000 people have died in the West African country of Sierra Leone, Christian Aid reports today. The charity is appealing […]

Pyongyang’s other nuclear option: Bombing atomic power plants

Asia Times Online reports: “As the United Nations imposes more sanctions on North Korea to try and stop its development of nuclear weapons, a Russian diplomat argues Pyongyang wouldn’t need an atomic device in a […]

Putin warns North Korea situation on verge of ‘large-scale conflict’

Reuters reports: “Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday that the tense standoff between North Korea and the United States was on the verge of large-scale conflict and said it was a mistake to try […]