Category: May

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Contending For the Faith

  • Egyptian Islamists Murder Young Christian, After Dragging Her From Car
  • Muslim Youth in Nigeria Attack School, Burn Church over Test Question
  • Christians’ throats slit in pagan slaughterhouse
  • Sawan Masih: Pakistani Christian gets death penalty for blasphemy
  • Islamic group urges supporters to kill Christians
  • Franklin Graham: Some Administration Officials Are ‘Anti-Christ’
  • Air Force: Christians’ Religious Speech Not Legally Protected Right
  • Iran: Evangelical Christians Are a ‘Threat to National Security’
  • ‘EU is Ignoring a Holocaust Against Christians,’ Say Protesters

Creeping Shariah

  • UK Islamists Rally for Shariah Britain
  • British Courts to Adopt Sharia Law
  • Muslims Complain, U.S. Network Cancels Controversial Pilot
  • Gaza: New Hamas Law Mandates Lashes, Amputations

The Sanctity of Life

  • Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals
  • Not just Britain! Aborted Babies burned in U.S. too
  • University of Michigan Exhibit Celebrates Abortion as ‘Life-Sustaining Act’

The Kings of the East

  • Study: China World’s Most Powerful Nation
  • China eyes ‘global monitoring network’ of surveillance satellites
  • U.S. Admiral: China to have nuclear missiles on subs soon
  • Asian leaders watching Obama’s ‘capitulation’

News From Russia

  • Stop tantrums and practice some yoga, Russia tells US
  • Putin to put Russian bases in Latin America
  • Russia’s new S-500 system to destroy any target at any altitude

News From Israel and the Middle East

  • Hamas Lawmaker: Koran Says We Must Massacre Jews
  • Fatah Calls For Renewed Terrorism Against Israel
  • Palestinians new list of demands: PM must agree to East Jerusalem as capital
  • Barkat: The world must take Jerusalem off the negotiating table forever