Category: November

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ISIS: The Global Threat

  • Islamic State Graffiti Found Throughout Washington D.C.
  • U.S. Teen Arrested for Attempting to Join Islamic State Militants
  • Report: 4 Islamic terrorists found in Texas in last 36 hours
  • Three Toronto Teenagers Attempt to Join ISIS
  • Scotland Yard: Minimum of Five Britons Join ISIS Every Week
  • Canadian authorities overheard plans for ‘…ISIS-inspired knife-and-gun attacks
  • Canada mosque teaches 4-year-olds how to behead
  • Busted ISIS Cell Planned Beheadings on London Streets
  • Australian jihadist warns Tony Abbott ‘we will defeat you’ in Islamic State video

Plagues and Pestilences

  • Ebola confirmed inside U.S.
  • Health worker in Dallas tests positive for Ebola
  • U.S. rethinks Ebola response as second Dallas nurse is diagnosed
  • WHO: Ebola infection rate may rise to 10,000 new cases per week
  • Reeling from Ebola, WHO warns of MERS risk to Africa
  • Mosquito Virus That Walloped Caribbean Spreads in U.S.

Can ISIS Be Stopped?

  • The Apocalyptic Prophecy Fuelling Islamic State Militants
  • Report: Merger of ISIS and al-Qaeda Could Cripple Civilized World
  • How ISIS could change the world forever
  • Military analyst: ISIS ‘will never be destroyed’

Contending For the Faith

  • City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons
  • Fury unleashed over city’s assault on pastors
  • Christian school ‘downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly’
  • ISIS Threatens to Crucify Lebanon’s Christians

Shariah Law and Honor Killings

  • Woman ‘Honor Killed’ by Own Father, Islamic State Militants in Syria
  • ISIS Magazine: Islam Calls for Sexual Slavery
  • Whippings, Forced Marriages, and Beheadings: Inside ISIS’s ‘Morality Police’