Category: June

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  • Over 22,570 rockets fired at Israel since Gaza Disengagement
  • Over 100 rockets fired at Tel Aviv and Eilat, Hamas launches suicide drones
  • IDF pilot suspects children in vicinity, calls off airstrike
  • Palestinians Bombard Own People; 20% of Hamas Rockets Land in Gaza
  • Netanyahu: We will inflict blows Hamas has not dreamt of
  • Hamas celebrates truce ‘victory,’ warns of future resistance against Israel
  • Senior Hamas leader: Israel doesn’t have the right to exist
  • Iran IRGC head: Israel can be destroyed in one operation
  • Abbas: We’ll strengthen our grip on eastern Jerusalem
  • Jordan: The Temple Mount belongs to Muslims only
  • Iran’s Khamenei Backs Palestinians: Urges Violent ‘Confrontation’ with ‘Criminal’ Israelis
  • Palestinian Terror Leader Thanks Iran for Funds, Rockets Used to ‘Pound Tel Aviv’


  • Church Celebrates Drag Queen Sunday: They’re in ‘Open Revolt’ against God, Mohler Says
  • Evangelical Lutherans abandon Bible, elect first transgender bishop
  • Judge rules Christian college must follow Biden rule opening dorms, showers to opposite sex
  • Christian Chaplain Reported to Anti-Terrorism Programme for Sermon on LGBT Ideology
  • Major church looks to kill saying ‘husband and wife’ at weddings
  • 43 Percent of Millennials Say They Either Don’t Know, Care or Believe God Exists
  • Millennials More Likely to Believe in Horoscopes Than an ‘All-Knowing’ God, Survey Shows
  • Brainwashing camps for Christians as persecution in China intensifies
  • Report: 78 Priests Allegedly ‘Massacred’ in Ethiopia Conflict
  • ISIS-Linked Jihadists Massacre Christian Farmers in Indonesia


  • Washington weighs risk of defending Taiwan against China
  • China says US ‘creating risks’ with South China Sea warship sail-bys
  • US Warship Again Sails Through Sensitive Taiwan Strait
  • China slams EU’s ‘confrontational approach’ after trade deal blocked