Central African Republic Says Militias Abusing 10,000 Children as Soldiers, Spies, Sex Slaves

Breitbart.com reports: “The government of the Central African Republic (CAR) reported on Monday that some 10,000 children remain under the control of militant groups, who use them as soldiers, spies, servants, and sex slaves.

The CAR has been at war with itself for over a decade. The government was overthrown in a string of coups dating back to its establishment as an independent republic in 1960, one of which was backed by former colonial power France in the late 1970s to get rid of a particularly odious dictator…

The CAR’s Minister for Family and Gender Marthe Kirima said about 15,000 children have escaped from rebel forces, but 10,000 still remain in their clutches. The U.N. has established training programs to help escaped child soldiers reintegrate into society.

The group currently attracting the most concern for abusing child soldiers is Patriots for Change (CPC), which includes both former Seleka and anti-balaka fighters. CPC was formed after former President Bozize tried to make a political comeback in the 2020 elections, but was disqualified from running…”

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