WorldNetDaily.com reports: “Two masked members of the al-Shabaab Muslim militia have shot and killed a pastor as he drove home from a worship service, according to reports.

The shooting killed Mogadishu, Somalia, pastor Ali Hussein Weheliye in the attack in October, but reports of the incident didn’t come out until this week.

Experts at the missions think-tank the Joshua Project estimate that Somalia is 99 percent Muslim. International Christian Concern’s Jonathan Racho agrees with that statistic and says the overwhelming numbers make it difficult to be a Christian in Somalia.

‘A vast majority of Somalis are Muslims, but there are hundreds of Christians in Somalia. This pastor was the pastor of an underground church,’ Racho said.

‘Christians in Somalia have to go underground and they don’t give away their identities because once al-Shabaab knows someone is a Christian, that is a death sentence for that person,’ Racho says.

Racho makes the death sentence claim because al-Shabaab is a jihadist militia with close ties to Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaida terrorist group.

Intelligence sources say that most al-Shabaab fighters receive training at al-Qaida or Taliban training camps in Pakistan before being sent to Somalia for the declared anti-Christian jihad in that eastern African nation.

Racho said that these facts are evidence that Weheliye’s murder is not an isolated incident.

‘Al-Shabaab has gone on a campaign of killing Christians. One of its official policies is to eradicate Christians from Somalia,’ Racho said.

‘This year alone, Pastor Ali is the fifteenth Christian to be killed in Somalia. The killing has been going on for the past several years. The church in Somalia is going through a difficult time. If this trend continues many more Christians will be killed and many will be forced to leave Somalia,’ Racho explained.

The American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Rubin agrees with the assessment.

‘Al-Shabaab is a franchise of al-Qaida. That they would kill a Christian is no surprise,’ Rubin said.

The ICC’s Racho says it’s part of an organized campaign.

‘Al-Shabaab has controlled many areas in Somalia and they’re trying to control Mogadishu as well. They want to take over the fledgling government in Somalia. They want to rule the whole country and make Somalia an Islamic state,’ Racho explained.

‘In an Islamic state, Muslims who convert to Christianity should be killed. This is part of their policy and this is part of what they’ve been doing for the past several years,’ Racho said…” (Islam has murdered many Christians as well as slaughtering one another as Shi’ites and Sunni’s in Iraq, totaling 85,000 at this point in time. How tragic. What does God Yahweh say about such hatred as members of the same religion, brothers in their faith, kill one another as Muslims – I John 2:9-11, 3:10, 3:14, 15; 4:7, 8.)


Voice of America News reports: “One of the world’s largest inter-faith festivals has opened in Australia. Up to 8,000 people are expected at the Parliament of the World’s Religions – among them is the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

At the Parliament of the World’s Religions, which opens Thursday in Melbourne, delegates will discuss issues such as climate change, indigenous rights and the West’s relationship with Islam.

Native American leaders, rabbis from Israel and Buddhist monks from Vietnam will join Muslim scholars, Hindu philosophers and representatives of the various Christian denominations at the event.

The six-day parliament convenes every five years. It has a simple, symbolic premise – to cultivate harmony and bring together different people to share their beliefs and ideas.

The director of the conference, Dirk Ficca, a Presbyterian minister from the United States, says it is particularly important that the voices of moderate Muslims are heard.

‘There are going to be 40 programs on Islam and the West,’ he said. ‘Talk about a tradition that is misunderstood, talk about a tradition that is maligned, talk about a tradition where one percent of the tradition has given the entire community a bad name, it is Islam. And so we want to give reputable Islamic scholars and leaders the chance first of all to share what they believe Islam is all about.’

Thousands of delegates from 80 countries are expected to attend the conference.

The Parliament of the World’s Religions will not end with a grand concluding statement but will simply wish for adherents of different faiths to be more accepting of each other…” (In the upcoming “New World Order” a political figure will arise to a dictatorship over all nations – Daniel 7:23; Revelation 13:1, 7 – as well as a religious figure who rules once a one world religion – Revelation 13:11-18. My video to be released in January deals with this monstrous apocalyptic duo.)