Linda Sarsour: Muslims should not ‘humanize’ Israelis

September 9, 2018 — Israel National News reports: “Left-wing activist Linda Sarsour said that American Muslims should not humanize Israelis during an Islamic conference, the Algemeiner reported.

Addressing the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in Houston, Texas, Sarsour accused American Muslims who were not sufficiently active in supporting the Palestinian Arab cause of being ‘complicit in the occupation, of Palestinians, in the murder of Palestinian protesters.’

Sarsour warned against normalization or friendly relations with Israelis. ‘If you’re on the side of the oppressor, or you’re defending the oppressor, or you’re actually trying to humanize the oppressor, then that’s a problem sisters and brothers, and we got to be able to say: that is not the position of the Muslim American community.’…”  (The Koran calls Jews “apes” and “pigs” I quote: “…those who incurred the curse of Allah and his wrath…those of whom some he transformed into apes and swines…those who worshipped evil…these are many times worse in rank, and far more astray then the even path” Surah 5:60. See also Surah 7:166.

The American Thinker web page gives the Top ten reasons why sharia is bad for all societies:

  • Islam commands offensive, aggressive and unjust jihad which is a holy war
  • Islam orders apostates to be killed
  • Islam orders death for Muslims and death for non-Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran, and even Sharia itself
  • Islam orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped, put to death, and adulterers to be stones
  • Islam commands all homosexuals to be executed
  • Islam commands that highway robbers should be crucified or mutilated
  • Islam commands that a male and female thief must have a hand cut off
  • Islam allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge, physical eye for physical eye
  • Islam allows husbands to beat their wives
  • Islam commands that drinkers and gamblers be beaten.

See the next two reports.)

Muslims ‘proselytizing’ at U.S. school assemblies

September 10, 2018 — WND.com reports: “Two Muslim organizations are suspected of proselytizing California public school students at assemblies.

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund dispatched a records request to the Gilroy Unified School District because of a possible constitutional violation for letting the Muslim groups indoctrinate students.

‘Last year, a Muslim high school student complained to school officials she was bullied after Donald Trump got elected and that she was offended by a class assignment that included a Fox News op-ed,’ the legal team explained.

‘After school board members met with the student’s family, the district engaged in ‘great partnerships’ with the Islamic Networks Group (ING) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to conduct ‘Islamophobia’ presentations and lecture students at school assemblies about Islam,’ the group said…”

Honor killing – coming to a neighborhood near you

September 2, 2018 — Israel National News reports: “Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, a 60-year-old Jordanian immigrant, was convicted this summer by a Harris County, Texas jury for the ‘honor killings’ of his daughter’s husband, 28-year-old Coty Beavers, and her close friend, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, 30, in two separate shootings in 2012.

Irsan had planned to commit another three murders, intending to kill everyone who helped his daughter leave home to live with the man of her own choice – that is, not someone her father alone decided she was to marry. From the victim’s name, it doesn’t seem he was Muslim, another strike against his continuing to remain alive after taking a female Muslim partner…

Over 17,000 homicides were committed in the US in 2017 according to statistics released by the FBI last September. So what difference does it make if another murderer is tried and sentenced to death?

There is a vast difference.  Murders can occur for many reasons, and a murder victim is just as dead no matter what the reason, but this was a case of honor killing, meaning that the murderer was continuing a tradition prevalent throughout the Islamic world – where it does not raise eyebrows and is often considered to be justified homicide…”