Man set fire to daughter for meeting men online

YnetNews.com reports: “A resident of the Silwan neighborhood in east Jerusalem was indicted Tuesday [August 13, 2013] for setting fire to his 17-year-old daughter after he believed she was bringing shame to his family.

According to the indictment, filed with the Jerusalem Magistrates court, the father heard his daughter was engaged in romantic ties with men she had met on Facebook, prompting him to kill her…

On July 21, the father invited his daughter and son to the roof of the family’s three-story house for a barbecue. On the family roof, the daughter expressed her wishes to return home, but the father declined.

As the two were talking, the father suddenly grabbed the charcoal lighter fluid and sprayed her with it over the barbecue fire, resulting in ‘the daughter instantly catching fire,’ the indictment said…

After people started to crowd around the body, and emergency forces arrived at the scene, the father told his son, according to the indictment, ‘If anyone with the police asks what happened, say I told her not to play with the lighter fluid.’…”