Egyptian Court Advised to Abolish Muslim Brotherhood

Voice of America News reports: “An Egyptian judicial panel on Monday [September 2, 2013] recommended the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood – Egypt’s largest political organization – and that its headquarters be closed.

In non-binding recommendations to Egypt’s administrative court, the panel accused the Brotherhood of operating outside the law.

The move to strip the Brotherhood of its status as a legally registered non-governmental organization is the latest challenge to the Islamist party from the army-backed interim government that deposed former president Mohamed Morsi in July.

On Sunday, state media reported that Morsi, who remains in detention, will be put on trial along with 14 other suspects on charges of inciting violence and murder. The charges stem from deadly clashes between Morsi’s Brotherhood supporters and opponents in Cairo late last year. Authorities say seven people were killed in the violence…” (22 million Egyptian citizens marched against Morsi, the newly elected president [June 2012 – July 2013] because they refused the setting up of Sharia Law practiced and promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood organization. This law involves the death sentence for all daughters who have pre-marital sex, all homosexuals, all apostates [who criticize Mohammed or the Koran], and all infidels – mainly Christians – as already mentioned.)



Egyptian government decides to dissolve Muslim Brotherhood

Haaretz reports: “Egypt’s army-backed government has decided to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood as a registered non-governmental organization, a state-run newspaper reported on Friday [September 6, 2013], cracking down on deposed President Mohammed Morsi’s movement.

The decision applies to the NGO registered by the Brotherhood in March in response to a lawsuit that argued the group had no legal status. It marks a mostly symbolic legal blow to Morsi’s group as the authorities round up its members in the harshest crackdown in decades.

‘The minister’s decision has in fact been issued but it will be announced at the start of next week in a press conference,’ Al-Akhbar newspaper quoted Hany Mahana, spokesman for the minister of social solidarity, as saying.

The first test of the decision to dissolve the Brotherhood is likely to come on Egypt’s streets after Friday prayers. Even before the ban was reported, the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters had called for mass protests across the country after the prayers, especially in Cairo…”(The following is the rewards suicide bombers receive for killing the four groups mentioned in the preceding report: (1) Suicide bombers [murderers] are the only Muslims assured of eternal life. All others must wait and see. (2) They are promised 72 virgins to enjoy eternally. (3) They have the privilege of choosing 70 relatives or chosen friends to enter heaven. How different is Christianity – “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” – Romans 10:13. See the next three reports.)



Egypt to try ex-President Morsi for inciting murder

BBC News reports: “Egypt’s state prosecutor says he has referred ousted President Mohammed Morsi for trial on charges of inciting the murder of protesters.

The accusations relate to violence outside the presidential palace in Cairo last December when at least seven people were killed in clashes.

Fourteen other members of the Muslim Brotherhood are to stand trial on the same charges.

Mr Morsi has been held at a secret location since he was deposed in July.

He faces a number of charges but this case is his first referral for trial.

Since he was ousted from power, the military-backed interim government has cracked down on Brotherhood supporters, who are demanding Mr Morsi’s reinstatement.

Last month, hundreds of protesters died when security forces stormed pro-Morsi camps in the capital…”



Muslim Brotherhood: No Compromise

Israel National News reports: “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement refuses to surrender to the intense pressure being brought to bear upon it by the regime headed by Maj. Gen. Abdel Fatah Sisi, who deposed the Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi, in early July.

The Brotherhood’s spokesman, Jihad al-Hadad, wrote on his Facebook page that the Muslim Brotherhood’s position has not changed and that it continues to demand a full return to the previous constitutional situation.

This includes putting Morsi back in power, a reactivation of parliament and acceptance of the constitution that was approved in a plebiscite.

Al-Hadad stressed that the Brotherhood would not recognize ‘the traitors who carried out a coup against the leadership,’ nor would it recognize the functions they are carrying out or their pretense to represent the people…”