January Thaw

Now that the message of peace on earth is neatly packed away with the Christmas decorations, it is time for the yearly lapse into business as usual. Though totally inconsistent with the Bible message, that is too often our experience.

What we really need is an old-fashioned January thaw.

Let’s thaw the frigid feelings that divide us from others. Icy stares and cold, meaningless greetings must go. Bitterness and strife within a church can thwart the work of God. And the world suffers.

Melting ice is no easy task. Real and imaginary wrongs have often built up such barricades that true reconciliation seems out of the question. Yet, Christ came to reconcile us to God and commanded that we forgive as we have been forgiven.

Christian leaders should abandon petty personal desires and turn their efforts toward reaching the staggering number of those who are still untouched by the gospel message. The first century church was a tiny minority in a dangerous and hostile world but they knew that the situation called for unity and they laid aside their differences in order to do the job. It was said of them: “…they were all with one accord…” (Acts 2:1).

Warmth can be felt in a congregation, as can the chill of low spirituality and dead formalism. What’s the feel of your fellowship?

Increase your love for Christ and others. Your warmhearted action may raise the temperature enough to start the badly needed January thaw.