Abounding in Love

In ascending to the Father, after His resurrection, Jesus left his disciples all of one accord. Humanly speaking they would have had good reasons for being divided. Their personalities were very different. One of them had denied his Lord before the crucifixion and another had doubted the resurrection until he saw the risen Saviour. Nevertheless, those personal problems were laid aside and they were united in love for one another. A few days later, on the day of Pentecost, the city of Jerusalem felt the impact of a group of Christians who were of one accord and three thousand were saved in a day.

Through the centuries, there have been periods of revival in the church when carnality was conquered and the church moved forward in power. These have been times when love among Christians was evident. Love for Christ and one another has been counted more important than personal gain.

In awaiting the return of Christ, it is important that Christians abound in love. Too often churches are bogged down in personality clashes, struggles for power in the local group, petty grudges and carnal gossip. How sad to have the Lord return and find any local church in that condition!

What steps would you have to take to make love abound in your church? What would you have to forget? Who would you have to forgive?

Are you willing?