An Angry God

Complaining is considered a “respectable” sin.

Preachers wax eloquent about all kinds of worldliness and receive hearty “amens” from their congregations. But little is said about the unlovely habit of grumbling and complaining.

Why? Because it strikes too close to home.

When a speaker zeroes in on negative attitudes and tongues given to griping, he has quit preaching and gone to meddling. Consequently, we wink at complaining leadership, making no rigid requirements about those holding offices in the church as to whether they are given to pouting or praising. No wonder the work of Christ moves at a snail’s pace in so many areas.

According to the Bible, complaining displeases the Lord.

In our text, complaining resulted in God’s anger being kindled.

That’s serious business.

Complaining among the children of Israel seems strange when one considers the miraculous working of God to free them from Egypt and deliver them from slavery. Having experienced such blessings, it would seem that praise and thanksgiving would have been the order of the day.

Still, Christians in America have been showered with God’s blessings, and yet are often given to grumbling. Never have so many had so much and appreciated it so little. Our hearts ought to be overflowing with His praise.

Do you appreciate God’s blessings? Does it show?