He’s Listening

Caleb and Joshua were headed for the promised land. None of their associates would make it. Why would this tiny minority out of the entire nation be able to claim their inheritance and possess their property while all the rest would die in the wilderness? There is only one answer: faith.

Apart from these two, the children of Israel had chosen to grumble instead of going ahead. They should have been marching. Instead, they were murmuring. And here lies the difference between success and failure; victory and defeat.

God heard the complaining of that generation of Israelites and rewarded them according to their faith. They claimed to be unable to advance for fear that their little ones would be lost in the battle and so God prevented them from entering the land. When that generation passed off the scene, He gave the land to their children… the very ones who had been used as an excuse for the lack of faith of their parents.

An old song says: “He hears all you say; He sees all you do; My Lord is writin’ all the time, All the time.”

Jesus warned that words spoken in the closet would be shouted from the housetops. Nothing is kept secret from the One who sees and hears all that we do and say,

Let Him hear words of faith… declarations of confidence, not murmuring and complaining. Blessings come the faith route. Talk about your faith in Christ today.