Anna’s Adoration

God has many wonderful old people. Anna the prophetess was a widow and well up in years. She gave all her time to serving the Lord. Prayers ascended from her heart to God night and day. Only eternity will reveal the value of her fervent prayer. James has written that it “avails much” and so it is likely that many surprises await us when we discover how much of the work of God has been accomplished through prayer. The church is fortunate that has senior citizens who have gone far in the college of prayer, The pastor who is upheld in the closets of older saints will be sure to be a blessing in his church.

Anna recognized Jesus as the Saviour the moment she saw Him, though He was but a babe. That very instant she began to thank God for His goodness in sending her Lord. Not only that, she began to witness. Knowing many who were concerned about the Redeemer, she set out to let them know that He had come.

When some reach the age of Anna, they settle back and wait for life to end. A searching of the Scriptures will reveal that God has often made the later years of people their most productive. Moses was eighty years old when he was called by God to serve. Caleb and Joshua were older men when conquering Canaan. Whatever your age you have today to live and be a blessing. That may be as much as others much younger. Get busy for the Lord this very day.