Another Beatitude

Dr. George Truett asked a widow who was left with the care of several small children, “As you think of heaven, what about it appeals most to you?”

The toil worn woman put aside her sewing and said, “O, sir, that I will rest when I get over there. I am so tired. These children must have my care at all hours of the night. Their father is gone, and I have to be the breadwinner. When I am out of work, I have to go from place to place seeking work. I get so tired in body, mind and spirit. The most appealing thing to me is that I will rest in heaven!”

You may sigh a quiet “Amen.”

The load you carry often seems unbearable. The bills keep coming and you must keep going. You may be working more than one job, or at least beyond your strength. The days seem long and the nights fly by. Your life seems a grind. Vacations are scarce or do not exist. Sometimes you are so tense and tired that you do not sleep well.

For now, rest in Christ. Give Him your burdens: “There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God” (Hebrews 4:9).

When you reach heaven there will be another resting time.

This is not to say that heaven is full of sleepers. The invigorating atmosphere of heaven will furnish both rest and refreshment. We will be both busy and blessed.

Walk closely with Jesus. He will see that you get your rest!