Ask What Ye Will

At first glance, this appears to be another wide open promise of answered prayer — “ask what ye will.” Further investigation shows it to be a conditional promise.

The first condition is abiding in Christ. This has to do with consecration and continual confession of all known sin. In other words, it does not deal with salvation only, but with a daily dedicated walk with Christ. There is no room for hypocrisy here. One who abides in Christ in the sense given in this stern chapter makes Christ Lord of all. His life is separated from the world and unto God. He cares not about the persecution. Consistency in Christian living is his aim. And his abiding in Christ produces fruit to the glory of God the Father.

The second condition is God’s Word abiding in us. That does not happen by a two- minute perusal of a prepared devotional, however helpful. For the Word of God to abide in us, there must be a time set aside for extensive Bible reading and preferably for Bible memorization and meditation. Since the Bible is God’s revelation of His will and purpose for man, it deserves our attention. Sadly, it often rates below the newspaper and the television set in priority. No wonder prayers go unanswered.

This prayer promise calls for a new commitment. Are YOU willing to surrender all to Christ, making Him Lord of all in your life? Are you ready to give His Word its proper priority? If so, expect answered prayer!