Babies in the Church

God’s plan for His children is birth, growth and maturity. The moment one receives Christ as personal Saviour, he is born again. There is rejoicing at the birth of a child and in heaven there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels when one is born again. Sadly, some who are born again never grow. They remain spiritual infants throughout life, missing the blessings of the abundant life.

Spiritual babies are concerned with self rather than service. They carry their feelings on their sleeves and have to be handled with care. They are like bombs, always ready to explode. Infancy shows in any crisis. The spiritual baby is upset over the smallest of things, expecting to be catered to by the pastor and other members of the church. The church baby examines everything as a receiver instead of a giver. He asks: “What is there in this for me?”

Spiritual babies are concerned with argument rather than action. Look for the trouble spot in the church and the ecclesiastical infant will be there. Gossip is his delight. Trifles touch off his temper. Often his self-righteous attitude masquerades as piety. He can sound so right that others follow him. But a real look at the church baby reveals that much of his fussing is a smoke screen to keep him from getting involved in the real mission of his church. It is always easier to be part of the faction than to get into the action.

Spiritual babies look to man rather than to God. An infant’s world is small, revolving around a few people. Church babies also have small worlds, revolving around a few favorite preachers or leaders. They are more loyal to men than to the Master or the church.

God blesses people on the grow!