Booze Blights

Many Christians seem to be “rethinking” the booze question. Social drinking is becoming accepted among numbers of believers. What should we do about it?

Solomon’s instruction is clear: have nothing to do with fermented beverages! Why?

Booze is a killer. It brings more grief than any other single cause in the world. Alcohol is America’s most serious drug problem.
Rampant crime is closely associated with the use of booze. Forty-three percent of all crimes committed by prisoners in state institutions in America were carried out when they had been drinking. In cases of homicide, the influence of alcohol is even greater. Nearly two-thirds of all murders are alcohol related.

Some quote Paul’s instruction to Timothy to use a little wine for his stomach’s sake. But that advice is strictly for medicinal purposes and has nothing to do with social drinking for pleasure or sensation.

True, Jesus turned water into grape juice at the marriage at Cana, but this juice had a sobering effect on those who drank it and evidently acted the opposite of the intoxicating beverage with which we are familiar. It was a miracle product — not available today.

It will never be popular to avoid booze. The world is on a binge and doesn’t like to face the facts of its destruction. God’s Word stands: “Look not thou upon the wine when it is red…”