These are perilous times. Dwelling on all the possibilities for death and destruction could make one unable to function.

Fear could keep us from traveling because of the danger of auto accidents. The likelihood of robbery could forbid leaving our homes. The possibility of nuclear war might send us fleeing to some out of the way place to live. The tornado season could drive us to our basements at the first sign of clouds.

But here is a truth worth remembering: SAFETY IS OF THE LORD.

This does not mean that we should never take precautions. God has given us good sense to use. Having carried out sensible safety acts, however, let us relax in the fact that SAFETY IS OF THE LORD.

David faced Goliath in confidence because SAFETY IS OF THE LORD.

Daniel survived the lion’s den because SAFETY IS OF THE LORD.

Three Hebrew young men were not burned in Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace because SAFETY IS OF THE LORD.

Gideon’s three hundred were victorious because SAFETY IS OF THE LORD.

The disciples saw the stormy Galilee become peaceful and calm because SAFETY IS OF THE LORD.

When we get to heaven and learn about the protection God gave during our sojourn on earth, we’ll be amazed at how many times He delivered us from injury or death without our knowing it and then we’ll also know beyond all doubt that SAFETY WAS OF THE LORD.

Doesn’t that make you feel secure?