Church with a Few Faithful

The church at Thyatira contained some bad people. The Lord’s letter warns them of coming judgment. Nevertheless there was a faithful remnant there. And the Lord lets them know that they have not been overlooked. He knows His own sheep.

Nearly every church has a faithful few who serve the Lord because they love Him and are not upset by the failures and compromises of other members. If there are two groups in your church, join the faithful few.

Chester Shuler’s, “The Faithful Few,” concludes:

“God bless, I pray, the faithful few,
And may their tribe increase —
They must be very precious to
The blessed Prince of Peace.”

George Eliot shared his secret of remaining faithful as follows:

“I will try this day to live a simple, sincere and serene life, repelling promptly every thought of discontent, anxiety, discouragement, impurity, self-seeking; cultivating cheerfulness, magnanimity, charity and the habit of holy silence; exercising in expenditure, generosity in giving, carefulness in conversation, diligence in appointed service, fidelity in every trust, and a childlike faith in God.

“In particular I will try to be faithful in those habits of prayer, work, physical exercise, eating and sleep, which I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me to be right.

That all my powers with all their might To God’s sole glory may unite.”