“You have such an exciting life! It must be
wonderful to travel about and meet so many
interesting and important people…”

In years past, Dr. Van Impe and I have visited
dozens of cities hosting fellowship banquets and
conducting areawide evangelistic crusades. It
always was a delight to renew old acquaintances
and make new friends. And always we were
overjoyed at the tremendous results we saw in the
crusades. Truly, the Holy Spirit is at work bringing
revival to America!

Many people I talked with said they had seen me
on television and some mentioned that they
enjoyed the on-location interviews I’ve had over
the years with various well-known people. They
often expressed the feeling that I was fortunate to
be able to enjoy such interesting encounters.

And they’re right. Jack and I have had many
beautiful encounters with people in this life. We’re
grateful for the wonderful opportunities God has
given us to serve Him and minister across the
United States and Canada and around the world.

We’ve met important international figures, like
Israel’s Abba Eban, and numerous national
leaders, such as Senator Charles Grassley, Senator
William Armstrong, Senator Roger Jepsen,
Congressman Mark Siljander, Mrs. Barbara Bush
(when her husband was Vice President), and so
many others.

We’ve had encounters with rich and successful
businessmen, great men of science, national
heroes like several of our astronauts, and some of
the most beautiful and charming women in the

It has been intensely interesting to have
encounters with great writers and performers —
learned men and women, experts and authorities
in many fields.

We’ve also had the pleasure of working personally
with a great many outstanding Christian
leaders, including some 10,000 pastors all across
this great nation. These are encounters we can
never forget!

A life-changing encounter

Of course, the greatest encounter of my life was
when I met Jesus and accepted His salvation.
Never have I experienced such love, such
renewing, cleansing, life-giving power! He
touched me… changed me… transformed me.
Since that great and wondrous encounter, I’ve
never been the same.

And every day since then, I’ve had the privilege
of going into the presence of God himself and
having personal, precious fellowship with the
Lord Jesus Christ, my Saviour, my Strength, and
my Friend.

In the words of that grand old song — “And He
walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells
me I am His own; and the joy we share as we tarry
there, none other has ever known.”

Because of that encounter, I have dedicated my
life to serving Christ. I want to do everything I can
to help others have this same wonderful
encounter with God. Right now my heart is
rejoicing because of the thousands and thousands
who have accepted Christ through the witness of
our national television specials and weekly
telecasts. God used the messages of these programs
to bring a great harvest of souls. More than 60,000
people responded to the telecast on “The Occult
World,” either requesting literature and prayer or
sharing their testimony about making a decision
for Christ. Thank God for allowing us to be a part
of these great soulwinning outreaches.

Your most important encounter

Would you be excited and filled with anticipation
if you knew you were going to meet the
President of the United States? Of course! No
doubt you would try to look and act your best for
such an important encounter.

But I tell you, there is Someone greater than
him waiting for you, eager to be with you and
have intimate, personal fellowship with you — not
just once, but every moment of every day, for now
and forever!

His name is Jesus.

Don’t neglect your encounter with God —
renew it daily. Nothing… and nobody… is more

If you were to make only one resolution in your
whole life, it should be to have a daily encounter
with Christ Jesus. And remember, as you allow
the Holy Spirit to fill you, this will become a
reality. What could be more exciting, more
thrilling, more fulfilling than this?