Following the death of Stephen, the first Christian martyr, persecution fell upon all the Christians at Jerusalem. Those were difficult days for the church, bringing imprisonment and even death for the crime of trusting in Christ and telling others about Him. As a result of this persecution, the believers were scattered… but everywhere they went they carried the message of Christ. Even the enemies of the Gospel cooperated in its propagation for as they scattered God’s people they also scattered their message throughout that whole area.

In America today we know little about persecution. Though we live in the century that has probably produced more Christian martyrs than any other in history, we are virtually untouched. Still we are lax in telling the old old story of Jesus and His love. And that raises a frightening question; Will it be necessary for God to allow persecution to come to us to awaken us to the blessings we have had and taken for granted?

We hope not.

Those early Christians have set an example for us that will be well to follow. They were so determined to obey the great commission that inconveniences and even severe problems could not deter them from carrying out that responsibility.

How does that compare to our concern? Where are our weak excuses for not witnessing? How will they stand up at the

Judgment Seat of Christ?

We’ve a message to share.

Tell it wherever you go!