Well Done

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The human race is divided into two classes — those who go ahead and do something and those who sit still and inquire, ‘Why wasn’t it done the other way?’”

Mary of Bethany had undoubtedly wanted to do something for Jesus ever since the raising of her brother Lazarus. He had intervened in her hour of grief and despair. She had sat at His feet and learned valuable spiritual lessons. Finally, she settled on a way to show her dedication and appreciation for all He had done for her. She would use her alabaster box of precious ointment to refresh Him after one of His journeys.

Reaction to Mary’s sacrifice was probably predictable. Regardless of what you do for Christ, some will complain! And how righteous they may sound! “This ointment might have been sold for much and given to the poor,” said those who watched and criticized. They sounded pious. But Jesus knew their hearts and rebuked them.

Have others been critical of you after some act of sacrificial service? Don’t let it get you down. It is easier to grumble than to give. It is easier to be part of the faction than to get into the action.

Never mind. Jesus understands. His “well done” is all that matters. He will care for the critics and will reward those who serve Him with their best (see Luke 14:14).