Exercise for Complainers

The Psalmist was troubled: overwhelmed by his problems. Focusing on his burdens, he complained, wondering why God didn’t do something about his situation. Finally, he realized that the problem was not with God but with him: “And I said, This is my infirmity” (Psalm 77:10).

From that point on his heart was filled with praise. The reason?

He had turned his attention from his problems to the faithfulness of God. And that is a good exercise for all complainers.

Has God ever answered prayer for you?

Has God ever provided for you when there was no human way to meet a need?

Has God honored your faith in the past?

Have there been times when you were filled with anxiety only to have your Lord move circumstances and deliver you from your anticipated tragedy? Have you worried in vain?

And what about God’s goodness to our nation? The Psalmist reviewed God’s care of His people: His many blessings to Israel. As Americans, we also have manifold blessings for which to thank our God. Has He not protected us and guided us through difficult days? As an American and a Christian, you have much for which to thank the Lord. Put your cares to the memory test. And thank God for His faithfulness.

Now about those complaints.

What were they?

Or have you forgotten them in the light of God’s wonderful care in the past and His continuing goodness today?

Remember… He cares.