Finders Keepers

Andrew was a finder.

We have no record of any of Andrew’s sermons. But we know that he found his brother Peter and brought him to Jesus. And Peter’s powerful preaching brought three thousand to Christ on the day of Pentecost. Certainly Andrew will share in the rewards of that great harvest.

When five thousand were hungry, Andrew found a lad with five barley loaves and two small fishes with which the Lord fed the multitude. Faced with the problem of feeding that huge crowd, Philip began to fret and figure how they could get money enough to buy each one a crust of bread. Not Andrew. He set out to find a solution. And his search produced a boy with a lunch that Jesus could use.

Some fret about problems and others find solutions.

All churches need more finders. When the finders are at work all church problems are solved. Bringing people to Jesus turns the coldest church into a place of warmth and joy. Bringing people to Jesus puts new life in any congregation. Bringing people to Jesus encourages pastors.

Pastors often move because their people won’t.

Andrew found his brother. He began looking for a convert right at home. The mission field is all about us. The field is the world. Jesus said the reapers in His harvest receive wages — rewards. You don’t lose by giving time to serving Christ. Here especially, finders are keepers.

Find someone for Jesus today!