The Simple Gospel

The Gospel is easy to understand. The difficult work in man’s salvation was done at the cross by the Lord Jesus. Any sinner can believe and be saved. And we are all sinners (Romans 3:23).

A good example of the power of the simple Gospel was given by missionary George Green. Here is his story:

“When I first went out to my mission field in Africa, the boat carried me up a wide, beautiful river flowing through the jungle, and as the sun set and the night came on, I listened with much misgiving to the roll of the war drums. They continued far into the night. The captain of the boat was uneasy and tried to dissuade me from going ashore the next morning, and I admit I was trembling with fear, But I found that ‘the Lord standeth within the shadows keeping watch above His own.’ After years of delightful labor I left the jungle on the same boat. As it came down the river, thousands of these same natives gathered on the shores near their villages to say farewell. As the boat came into sight, they broke into song, but not a war song. They were singing the hymn that is a favorite of most of them, ‘All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.’”

The Gospel that reaches the heart of one who has never heard of the Saviour can surely change those who have lived in this good land where Bible preaching is so available. Nearly anyone we meet has witnessed the power of God in some life and that is a powerful influence in preparing hearts to receive the Gospel.

Share John 3:16 with someone you meet.

The simple Gospel still changes lives today!