In the second century, Justin Martyr wrote: “Many spirits are abroad in the world, and the credentials they display are splendid gifts of mind, learning, and of talent. Christian, look carefully. Ask for the print of the nails.”

The conflicts in the church at Corinth were beyond the reach of tact or psychology, the message of the cross was the only answer. Lost people need to hear this message to be saved and Christians never outgrow their need of the preaching of the cross for daily growth.

The cross is the cure for divisions. Churches that are torn by gossip and backbiting need to be reminded of the Lord’s sacrifice on the cross. Those who nurse hurt feelings need to stand at the cross and see their Saviour enduring the shame and pain of that awful hour. Who has the right to be offended in the light of His sufferings there?

Have you been wronged? Consider the cross.

Do you wonder about full forgiveness? Consider the cross.

Do you doubt God’s love? Consider the cross.

The message of the cross is not popular today. Many prefer religion that is not so stern…so demanding. The preaching of the cross reveals all people as sinners and Christ as the only Saviour. Man’s sinful nature and his pride object to that kind of teaching. Beautiful sanctuaries are fine but the cross seems out of date…foolishness.

But the way of the cross leads home…there is no other way but this.

Let this old and true message change your life. And God’s way will not seem foolish anymore.