Temptation’s Limit

Two alcoholics were converted. One testified, “From the moment I trusted Christ to save me, and deliver me from the enslaving habit of strong drink, I have never had the slightest desire to drink anything of alcoholic content. I would have to learn all over again to love the evil which, for more than thirty years, was the greatest love of my life.” The second said, “How I wish my experience corresponded with the experience of the brother who has just testified. Every day I have a terrific struggle not to partake of the evil which for years all but wrecked my life. I am depending solely upon the mighty Saviour to keep me from temptation. Pray for me!”

God may deal differently with His children concerning temptation but He has promised that all temptation is limited. Every Christian can overcome any temptation. Our Lord guarantees our ability to conquer is greater than temptation’s power. He allows no temptation to come to us that is too strong for us to defeat. And He always provides an escape.

So, your excuse for yielding doesn’t stand.

The power of the Holy Spirit within and the Word of God at your disposal equips you to conquer. Prayer taps the resources of God making you invincible.

Others have faced the same temptation. And you are equipped to win.