God’s Protection

God has protected America.

We ought to thank God daily for His care of our nation through more than two hundred years. We have escaped the march of foreign feet on American soil in time of war though two world conflicts have been fought in this century.

Even the destruction of the nation through civil war was averted through prayer. Walter Brown Knight has written: “The fate of the nation was hanging in the balances. General Lee and his army had surged forward to the environs of Gettysburg, where the fateful, decisive battle of the Civil War was in the making. The sorrows and burdens of the war-torn nation had exacted its terrible toll on the occupant of the White House, Abraham Lincoln. Yet on the eve of the crucial Battle of Gettysburg, he was calm and assured. His serenity was reassuring to his generals. When they inquired, ‘How can you be so self-possessed in this hour of the nation’s mortal peril and darkness?’ Lincoln said, ‘I spent last night in prayer before the Lord. He has given me the assurance that our cause will triumph and that the nation will be preserved.’”

And what blessing has followed America through these years. This good land has become the home base for missionary outreach all over the world. American printing presses as well as radio and television carry the Bible message to millions.

Still, many are becoming concerned about the future. Will America continue to experience such blessings? For how long?

God’s blessings rest on those who obey His Word. Let’s live in His will so that His protection will always preserve our land!