History records how George Washington found rest and relief in prayer during the trying times he and his soldiers passed through at Valley Forge. With all the cares and anxieties of that time upon him, he used to have recourse to prayer.

One day a farmer approaching the camp heard an earnest voice. On coming nearer, he saw George Washington on his knees, his cheeks wet with tears, praying. The farmer returned home and said to his wife: “George Washington will succeed!”

“What makes you think so, Isaac?” asked his wife.

The farmer replied: “I heard him pray, Hannah; you may rest assured he will.”

One night during the Civil War, a guest in the White House reported that he had heard Lincoln praying in the next room. He said the President prayed: “Thou God, who heard Solomon in the night when he prayed and cried for wisdom, hear me! I cannot guide the affairs of this nation without Thy help. I am poor and weak and sinful. O God, save this nation.”

We have a great heritage. Without question, God has defended America in the past. We ought to rejoice in our independence. But we must never forget that this freedom is a gift from God. The moment we stop trusting Him, liberty is in jeopardy.

Christians who serve God and rejoice in Him are America’s most valuable asset. What will YOU do for your country?