Guidance and Gifts

The star that guided the wise men on their journey is one of the great miracles surrounding the birth of Christ. There is no question but that this was a one-time, supernatural heavenly light that led the wise men on their long journey. Only once did they get off the path to their destination and that was when they trusted tradition instead of the guidance of God. Arriving in the general area, they went to the king’s palace instead of continuing on their guided way. They evidently expected the King to be at the home of the king and therefore abandoned the heavenly light. We’re all prone to that trap — trusting our own judgment instead of the guidance of God. It was their Bible that finally set them straight and brought them back to the star and finally to Jesus.

When the wise men reached the Saviour, they humbly worshipped Him and opened their treasures to Him. Their gifts were fitting. Gold would speak to future generations of His royalty; frankincense would typify His priestly work as an intercessor; and myrrh would remind the world of His suffering on the cross. The Gospel is found in the gifts of the wise men.

Jesus is deserving of our treasures. We will do well to give Him our best. In the light of eternity, it’s the only wise thing to do.