There was in a certain village a very mean man who sold wood to his neighbors, and who always took advantage of them by cutting the logs a few inches under the required four feet. One day the report came that the woodchopper had been saved. Nobody believed the report, for they all declared that he was beyond being reached.

One man, however, slipped quietly out of the grocery store where the conversion was being discussed and soon came running back in excitement and shouted: “It’s so! He has been converted! I have been to his house and measured the wood that he cut yesterday. It is a good four feet long!” That testimony convinced the crowd.

Some who are saved are still cutting short logs! If revival came to their hearts, the logs would lengthen. Their customers would begin to get fair measure. The government would receive honest income tax reports. Their employees would receive better wages. Their employers would get a day’s work for a day’s pay. The Lord would receive His due.

Words are wasted when one who is not honest tries to witness to others about Christ. Actions speak louder than words.

Some time ago, Newsweek revealed that cheating is so prevalent in our schools and colleges that the practice is considered to be normal. Those who assist the cheaters are considered “good neighbors.”

When God is in control of a life, cheating and dishonesty in business must go. Revival makes men walk as they talk.

How long are your logs?