At the conversion of Zacchaeus, he announced he would make restitution to those he had wronged. That was Scriptural and is a good sign of the work of God in our hearts. Here are some facts about restitution:

1. Restitution begins with a desire to be right with men.
2. Restitution is personal and private. Zacchaeus did not give details or names to the crowd, only an announcement that he would deal privately with those he had wronged.
3. Restitution has to do with money or property. It is impossible to make restitution for immoral acts.
4. Restitution is biblical (Exodus 22:1).
5. Restitution is different than reconciliation. Reconciliation is the putting away of differences so that enemies become friends.

Revivals always produce acts of restitution. Debts are paid that have long since been written off as lost. Items that have been stolen are returned or paid for. Damage that has been done to another’s property is cared for by payment or repair. These are acts that flow from the God-given desire to be right with man.

A store clerk once asked: “What has happened to that young man from your church? He was in yesterday to pay for candy that he said he had stolen.” God had moved his heart and he wanted to do right. That is a sign of revival. The 21st century finds churches full of hypocrisy. So-called Christians won’t pay their debts and make amends.

If you don’t want to do right…better not pray for revival!