Hurting Jesus

Paul must have told his conversion story many times. Five of these occasions are recorded for us in the Bible. He never tired of calling to mind what had happened to him on the road to Damascus. Here he is giving his testimony to a great company of people gathered in the court of the Temple in Jerusalem as he defends himself against accusations being made about him.

Most are familiar with the ingredients in Paul’s conversion: there was the light from heaven and the voice of Jesus questioning him about his persecutions and then, of course, his response. Imagine how surprised the persecutor of Christians must have been when he discovered he had been persecuting Jesus…that is what the voice said, “I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou persecutest.”

But how could that be?

Paul had never personally hurt Jesus…only those who professed to know Him as Saviour.

Now an important truth surfaces: Jesus feels all the hurts of His people. To persecute a Christian is to persecute Jesus.

Have you wondered just how close Jesus is? Consider this revelation given to Saul (Paul) on the road to Damascus. He not onlyknows every wound you experience but He feels it as well…even the one you are grieving over today.

Is your heart heavy? He feels the ache…the lump in your throat. You do not carry your burdens alone. And you do not need to seek revenge. Those who have injured you have inflicted pain on Jesus and they must face Him one day in judgment.

Be kind to other Christians. Don’t be guilty of hurting Jesus.