I Will Answer

Dr. Thomas N. Carter, an ex-convict, told a thrilling story of his mother’s faith. He had been wayward for many years and finally was sent to prison. On one occasion, while he was there, his mother received a telegram from the prison stating that her son was dead and asking what she wanted done with his body.

Carter’s mother had prayed for years that he would one day be saved and become a preacher of the Gospel. Stunned at the receipt of the telegram, she immediately went to her prayer closet, instructing other members of the family not to disturb her.

Opening the Bible, she placed the telegram beside it and began to pray. “0 God,” she began, “I have believed the promise you gave me in your Word, that I would live to see Tom saved and preaching the Gospel, and now a telegram has come saying he is dead. Lord, which is true, this telegram or your Word?”

When the faithful mother rose from her knees, having definite assurance of God’s answer, she wired the prison as follows: “There must be some mistake. My boy is not dead.”

And there was a mistake. Tom Carter was alive and when he had finished his time in prison, he became a preacher of the Gospel. God honored the trusting prayer of his mother.

Some make prayer too difficult. The Bible formula is simple. Our responsibility is to pray. God has promised to answer.

What “great and mighty” things do you need?

Ask God for them today!