Increased Knowledge

For centuries it seemed as if the world slumbered. Thousands of years passed without major changes in most areas of life. Paul and Columbus sailed in similar ships though their voyages were nearly fifteen hundred years apart. Medical know-how moved at a snail’s pace. Men watched the birds fly but all efforts to copy them were in vain.

Then, in the lifetime of many alive today, there came an explosion in knowledge and travel. People who went about in buggies and other horse-drawn vehicles lived to see the skies filled with jet planes and watched men walk on the moon. The atom was split, ushering in the nuclear age with all its perils and possibilities. Miracle drugs were discovered that conquered old killers and vaccines were developed that eliminated former plague producers.

Now we are in the age of the computer. This mind boggling invention is entering every area of life. Old methods of office procedures have been made obsolete. Records on millions of people are available at the push of the proper buttons, a scary fact if wicked men come into power.

Each day, some new invention seems to outdo another. What does it all mean? It means that we are living in what the Bible calls “the time of the end.” One who is in possession of the Biblical facts would have to close his eyes to the truth not to recognize the signs of the times.

What are you doing about it?