Keep On Praying

Some pray earnestly about a matter for a time and then grow discouraged and stop praying. The Bible calls for persevering prayer.

In his book, “Getting Things from God,” the late Charles Blanchard shared the following experience: “In one of our church prayer meetings not long ago, a lady rose and said: ‘My father is a drunkard. I have prayed seven years that God would save him and he is not saved. It seems as if God did not hear or did not care and I am discouraged. I do not know what to do.’

‘She had only taken her seat when a lady rose and said: ‘My father was a drunkard for fifteen years and I prayed for him all through those fifteen years. Then he was saved, not alone from drink but from all other sins. Now for fifteen years he has been a happy Christian. I think my sister ought not to be discouraged, but to pray on.’”

It is said that George Mueller prayed for two men to be saved and the years passed without his prayers being answered. Still, Mueller prayed on. When George Mueller died, he had been praying daily for these two men for sixty- two years. Shortly after his death they were both born again.

You have been praying long and faithfully for someone or for the meeting of some special need. The answer has not come and you are about to give up. You do not understand the delay.

But faith does not need to understand. Persevere in prayer.

Keep on praying.

God will answer. And right on time!