Leaving All

When Jesus called His disciples, they left their temporal work and invested their lives with Him. They must have appeared to be fanatics and fools to their neighbors and associates. But how many of their friends’ names do you know on this date nearly two thousand years later? Time has demonstrated the wisdom of their dedication.

Few who reach for fame in this world attain it, but those who choose eternal values will never regret their decisions. Of course, not all who surrender completely to Christ are called to leave their jobs and careers to give full time to preaching the gospel. But all are called to be full time Christians. And many more are called to full time Christian work than respond.

Surrender always involves struggle. The flesh does not give up easily. The love of money and ease afflicts the race of Adam and eternal rewards often go begging while attention and energy are given to the toys of this life.

Enough of this talking in generalities! What about you? What are you doing about the will of God? Are you sure you are serving God as you ought? Is there a struggle for surrender within? Are you missing God’s best? Will you regret your present course? Do you fear public reaction if you yield to God’s will? Do you think you will lose too much by leaving all to follow Christ?

Continuing as you are you may reach the top. But don’t forget: “…many that are first shall be last; and the last first.”