Living Water

Christians are pictured as rivers of living water.

If they do not give out the Gospel, they become stagnant pools.

When General Grant was stricken with his fatal illness, he felt his need of the Saviour and called for a minister. Simply, the man of God presented the Gospel to him and the General responded, taking Christ by faith as His Lord and Saviour. He was filled with joy and his conversion was evident to the elated preacher.

“God’s kingdom has gained a great acquisition in your conversion, General,” said the minister.

Grant protested, saying, “God does not need great men, but great men need God!” Then the General added, “There is just one thing that I now greatly desire since Christ’s peace has come to me.”

“What’s that?” asked the minister.

“I would like to live one year more so that I might tell others of this wonderful gift of God’s love!” replied Grant.

Sadly, when the end of life comes, we cannot add time to witness. But we have today. And God’s purpose in our lives is to cause living water to flow from us to others so that thirsty souls may be refreshed in His grace. There is no other safe drinking place in all this world. All of the world’s watering places leave people thirsty still.

Consider some who have refreshed their age: Paul, C. H. Spurgeon, Dwight L. Moody, Billy Sunday. And then there are those who have been instrumental in bringing about your salvation. Name some of them.

Who will drink from the river of God’s grace because you have been faithful?

Be a refreshing river — not a stagnant pool!